The Arcade Room 1 is a particularly small room. It is found in the left side of the restaurant and is directly beside the Dining Area. It contains lots of vintage arcade machines that are supposedly used during the day by the kids and adults as a source of entertainment. Rachel and Doug can sometimes appear in the Arcade Room 1 location. Rachel can be seen with her mouth gaping open with glowing white eyes. Doug's mouth is also hanging open as he stares blankly at the camera.


The Arcade Room 1 is a very dark room, the only source of lights being the brightened up screens on the arcade machines. On the right side of the room, there are three different arcade machines lined up to each other. All of the screens on the arcade machines seem to be brightened up and illuminate the darkened room. The first arcade machine seems to have a checkered pattern like that of a chess or checkers board. The same can be said about the rightmost machine. The middle arcade machine, however, seems to bear no unique pattern. A joystick can be seen attached to the machine. There also seem to be two arcade machines on the far left side of the room. One of the machines seem to be turned off, showing a blank screen. The one beside it has an illuminated screen just like the machines on the opposite side of the room.