Shadow Rachel (see main article)

Shadow Rachel is a secret animatronic, or possibly ghost, who may pop up in the player's vision rarely when they turn towards the back-room while in the office. She has a chance of crashing the game.

Nose Honk

The familiar honking sound from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise can be found in Those Nights at Rachel's. If the player goes to the monitor on the left, one will find two bobble-heads of Doug the Dog and Rachel the Rabbit. If the player clicks on the Rachel bobble-head ( or anywhere else but the actual monitor ) the honking noise from the FNAF games will be heard; the bobble-head will also do a small hop as the noise goes off, as if the guard had pressed or squeezed it hard.

King of Five Nights at Freddy's Reference (unconfirmed)

This easter egg can be found to the right of the door monitor, the same monitor where the Rachel and Doug bobble-heads can be found. To the right of the monitor, there is a black fan that has the word "King" in small letters; there is an image of a crown just above that. Some believe that this could be a reference to popular Youtube let's player Markiplier. In Five Nights at Freddy's: Secret 6th and 7th Night - Part 4[1] Markiplier calls himself "the King of Five Nights at Freddy's" when he finishes the game's secret 6th night. This theory is still yet to be confirmed.

Newspaper Articles

Just like in the original Five Nights at Freddy's, there is a newspaper clipping that is hung up on the wall behind the door monitor, revealing important lore. It seems to change each night, unlike in FNAF, where the newspapers appear rarely as hallucinations replacing a poster and change randomly.

Night 1:
T NewsPaper1-0

"A child has recently been found severely injured inside of an animatronic-centered location, namely Freddy Fazbears, which was originally deemed "safe". The company who owns the location refuses to speak about the recent happening, but it's obvious that something suspicious is going on.

The family of the child states, with much digression, that they will do whatever it takes to lure customers away from the building, in means of helping other families. In other news, a brand-new pizzeria has just opened up down the street, promising years of fun to come! We will keep you up to date soon enough.

Night 2:


After several checkups and

Login Screen

When the game prompts you for a username and password, typing "nikson" or "n1kson" into the username box force closes the game. The reason the second prompt works is that 1 and i use the same block letter in the selected font for the password. Only typing your own username and password will access you to the night you stopped on.