Parts and Services is an area in Doug and Rachel's to the right of the main stage. Its camera seems to have less colouration than the other cameras, and the room is fairly small and dark. Pete and Bane pass through here on their way to the office sometimes. They each have a position further back alongside the shelves, and Pete can also be seen pressing his snout to the camera, obscuring the rest of the camera where Bane would be sometimes seen when he does so. This leaves the player to have to constantly check for Bane in the right doorway and in the other right cameras, as they cannot be sure when he has entered or left the room at any time.


Parts and Service is a small room with shelves along the back, containing mostly extra Bane heads, seemingly discoloured, and various boxes and other materials. A table is faintly visible in the back, with several bins and baskets on it as well as more boxes. Not much else can be seen clearly, and the doorway is not visible although some light from the stage and dining area shines through.


  • Only Bane heads are seen on the shelves in spite of there being four other performing animatronics (The Thing is supposedly decommissioned, as Phone Guy mentions the back-room is abandoned).
    • Additionally, these heads are different colours from Bane's dark brown: the one nearer the camera is beige while the one further is grey.
  • In Hard Mode, this room is even darker and very little can be seen aside from the animatronics when they are present.